What i've learned so far Source

So here is my story, it all started when i learned to use Adobe Photoshop. And started designing web pages. It was so inspiring for me, that i was bound to turn those designs into code and bring them to the user hands. Then i started learning about HTML, at that time it was really confusing for me. Since i was using tables to structure my layouts :( it was so ugly and takes to much to load. Until i heard about CSS, and it was like someone showed me the Ali baba’s cave. After that i was excited to learn about how to make beautiful animations. That’s when Javascript entered in my life i remember the first time i made an element fade in, :smile: it was uplifting. I was craving for more so i started using Jquery.

The story didn’t end here though, i noticed that my projects are all data static pages. a voice inside of me said, why wont make this more dynamic. I was attracted to PHP, started learning about it and about Databases henc MYSQL. And it shifted everything, i was finally able to manipulate data for the first time. Still something always seemed wrong to me, it was the pages reloading after each request. I am a Gmail user and i was so confused how it works so seamlessly and without refreshing the pages. It’s when i discovered AJAX and SPA (Single Page Application).

But it’s not just about learning right! :sunglasses:

I started a ongoing project called Echooly as my graduation project. With a team of colleagues. It was a web based school management, to help students and teachers collaborate. Basically i just wanted to help myself and other fellow students to be more in touch with their teachers and actually be more productive. I knew from the beginning, that it should be an SPA so i used AngularJs by Google as front-end framework and Laravel as a PHP back-end framework. Where i had the opportunity to learn more about OOP (Object Oriented Programming).

Of course when you talk about technology you have to mention mobile. :wink:

As an Android user, i really like it’s ecosystem at least in point of view. So thanks to a codelab of android that were organized by Algeria Developer Community ,GDG Algeria & sponsored by Condor, Djezzy.

I learned a lot about Android, it was my first experience with Java.I got the opportunity to enroll in a contest Algeria 3G Cup that occurred after the codelabs. Where i built an application named Rak Sure that helps to solve math equations, and answer questions about scientific facts. Which got me into the finals, competing with other ten brilliant finalists that i had the honor to meet and learned a lot from them.

The End